search engine optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization (SEO)

seo onpage
seo onpage 
Here are some of the most important elements that need to be considered while targeting keywords for on-page optimization.

Page Title

The page title must contain primary keyword phrase at least once, preferably in the beginning or as close to the start of the title tag as possible. As the page titles play a significant role in defining how engines weigh relevance and have an impact on the searcher's propensity to click, the practice of ‘keyword targeting’ does add value to the search engine optimization endeavors.


Using the H1 tag, particularly for keyword placement, boosts the on-page SEO . For instance a searcher, who has just clicked on one of the results, would expect to see a matching headline on the page appeared in search.
With our years of experience and research, we can say that a relevant and keyword-optimized H1 is associated with higher search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) rankings.
Though it’s not always possible to write an H1 same as the title, try to establish some similarity or relation between the title and H1 so as to ensure a good user experience.

Body text

It is the ground rule to use your primary and secondary (if relevant) keyword phrase(s) in the body text or in content of the page, though the frequency should be 1—2%. It’s almost certain that search engine algorithms assess the relevance and quality of the keywords to the content and rank them accordingly.
Keywords should be integrated with the content in such a way that they look natural and goes well with the content. Keywords should not appear to be stuffed uselessly or forcibly, otherwise there is a strong possibility of search engines penalizing your websites by dropping rankings.


The use of keyword is one of the aspects of a good URL. It helps in directing search engine to relevant content. Also, the keyword-optimized URLs often get used as anchor text around the web.
Images and image alt attributes
Having images with alt attributes containing targeted keyword phrase can help better ranking of the page directly and indirectly. Also, there are chances that your optimized image shows up in an image search result. For search engines, the image's title, filename, alt text, caption and description attributes are important from rankings’ perspective.

Meta description

The meta description tag, if integrated with keyword query, usually appears in the search results, and helps the searchers decide whether to click or not. Moreover when keywords show up in the meta description, appear in bold prompting users to click. The meta description are intended to make the searcher click, the content quality takes care of the rest.
Follow these ways of keyword targeting and see your website grow in search engine rankings.

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