5 tips design website

1.target audience
5 tips design website
target audience
Everything you do should suit the requirements of your chosen target audience. Research about the demography, psyche, geographical location, interests, likes, dislikes, etc. of your TA and draft a plan accordingly. For example: - if you sell beauty products for ladies, you should know your target market, their living lifestyle, shopping priorities, etc.

2.Attractive words

Content is another important element that helps you convey the desired message to your clients and prospects. Choice of words and writing style has a high impact on catching the attention of your TA. If they’ll find informative yet creative piece of text, they would definitely feel motivated to further browse through your website. Inversely, a badly written piece of text may distract your prospects and restrict them to come back again.
5 tips design website
5 tips design website 

3.Layout and design

Design is not just the use of colors, images and graphics but it also involves proper placement of all these elements and ensuring that they are all in sync with your content. For example: - if the web page is about lipstick, then the content should explain how your product can improve the texture of lips and make the lips look seductive, sexy, mischievous, etc.
5 tips design website
reponsive template

4.Analytics account

You need to create the Google Analytics account for your website which will provide comprehensive statistics about your site, such as: - user traffic, hits on different web page/s, performance of the landing page, bounce rate of different web page/s, etc.

5.Spread the word

While your website is ready to support your offline business or accelerate your online sales, till the time you don’t advertise and spread the positive word around, the job doesn’t get finished. Use social media, SEO, PPC, etc. to market your site well.

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