3 Common Mistakes when Making a WordPress Site

WordPress has become extremely popular. This leaves novices to the platform to make several basic mistakes. Here are 3 common, big mistakes beginners make (and how to avoid them).
Publishing Incomplete Pages
Unfinished pages on a website are one of the biggest sins of WordPress. Beginners are prone to launching their website before it’s actually ready. This means that visitors click on links and are taken to pages that tell them the page is under construction. You should never have a link lead to an incomplete page like this. It alienates visitors and tells them that you're not taking the website seriously. The total opposite of what you want. Don't launch your website until it is ready.
Having Unnecessary Plugins
Uninstall the plugins you're not using and/or don’t plan on using again. WordPress beginners tend to install plugins and then forget them. They might install a bunch of plugins, even if they only use a few of them. This slows down their WordPress site and means more resources are needed to run it properly.
Only use plugins that you consider important to your website. Don’t get caught in installing lots of widgets and statistical plugins that you aren’t using and checking. It just slows everything down.
Failing To Update Wordpress Regularly
Keep WordPress - along with themes and plugins installed on your site - updated. Otherwise, you leave your website vulnerable to being hacked. It also makes it more difficult to use the latest WordPress products.
WordPress itself has been changed to update automatically, but a lot of plugins and themes aren’t updated by default. This means you have to get the updates yourself, assuming that you are already using the latest version of WordPress. If not, then that should be the first thing you do.

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